Drywall: In addition to traditional drywall and metal stud framing, Partitions Inc. has extensive experience in drywall specialties such as GFRG shapes, custom exterior wall /roof framing, Exterior sheathing, mold resistant drywall, abuse resistant drywall, level 5 finishing, state of the art fire stopping of various wall & Joint assemblies, shaft wall assemblies and others to suit the needs of a specific design intent or building code compliance.

Carpentry: Capabilities and experience include an infinite amount of blocking applications, millwork installation, custom wood framing, and door and hardware installations.

Acoustical Ceilings: Capabilities and experience include the furnishing and installation of all types of acoustical ceiling systems, i.e. metal panel, custom wood, cell ceilings, custom acoustic panel, millwork ceiling systems, GFRG, and plaster ceilings.)

Interior Partitions: Capabilities and experience include the furnishing and installation interior partitions, which include metal stud, wood stud, plaster, curved, arched, fabric, lead lined systems. (Primarily used in medical facilities.)

Plastering: Capabilities and experience include Interior Plastering and Exterior DAFS Stucco Systems. Our highly skilled plasterers pay close attention to detail and complete every project to the satisfaction of our client. We utilize both modern and traditional plastering techniques and have extensive experience working on all types of projects.

General Trades: Capabilities and experience in many different carpentries related trades commonly referred to as “General Trades” work which may include but not be limited to, expansion joints, overhead doors, glass wall assemblies, acoustic wall panels, visual display boards, toilet partitions and accessories, wall protection, signage, lockers, fire extinguishers and cabinets, projection screens, gym equipment, window blinds, and radiation protection.